Website Cost Parameters

Website Cost Parameters

Cost Components for Creating and Managing a Website

A website is the only medium that provides information in visual form 24/7/365 to all with Internet access. Spend on creating an interactive and dynamic web page.

How much should a website cost?’ – is a question that is often raised but seldom meaningfully answered.

Even though millions of websites are available online, no formula has been evolved to calculate the cost of a new website readily. There are notably too many variables that require to be taken into account for arriving at the website cost.

Components of website cost

The following are the components for setting up a website, and the cumulative cost of all these components constitutes the total website cost.

  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Number of Pages of the website.
  • Site Complexity
  • Content (Web Content)
  • Any advanced functions and programs
  • Search engine fees (optional, if required)
  • Website Maintenance (regular maintenance)

For some particular sites like merchant sites, add-on costs will be there for (1) Merchant Account or Third Party Processor Fees, (2) Product Updates, and (3) Store upkeep 4) Shipping accountability…

Registering Domain Name

The domain name is critical as it represents one’s Internet identity. One has to bestow enough thought while selecting the right domain name that reflects the nature of business, and for that, one has to be quite selective in their approach.

Of course, having multiple domain names can increase search engine rankings and is supposedly part of an excellent search engine optimization strategy. Domain name registration is the fundamental action in getting on the web or setting up the website. Thus, it is the primary cost parameter to get into the business of website project management.

Hosting the Website

Web hosting is renting a small space on a web hosting server from a vast area that holds countless websites belonging to a host of other owners. Larger space may be required when the website gets busy, and new pages are added.

Finally, if the website grows beyond acceptable limits, then the need for a dedicated server will arise. These dedicated servers are costly and should not be necessitated for a new site or small business website. However, dedicated servers are often reliable and provide the best service and support.i

Designing a Website

Web Design is a creative process of conceptualizing, planning the layout, adding appropriate content including text, maps, sketches, flow charts, and graphics to deliver via the Internet as a skillful combination of ideas and technology. Web designing can be of different types – Static, Dynamic and Flash, and E-Commerce.

Web design must also aim at providing Search Engine Optimization making the website search engine friendly. The website must achieve top ranking in the Internet searches to attract maximum traffic.

E-Commerce sites are a significant step forward in web technology as customers now wish to purchase online information, products, and services. It’s the modern way of building a chance to market products and services etirely24 hours a day through the Internet. In today’s age and time, design, technology, and business must combine to create a website to establish one’s presence on the Internet to provide information, promote products services and create a brand presence.n

Website Content

Content is quite often expensive because skilled people with creative capabilities alone can produce quality content. It is a widely acknowledged fact by all web managers that content is king. If the website intends to publish a lot of content from several authors, then a content management system (CMS) must be in place. A quality CMS enables the development of suitable information architecture as it also manages content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Web Consultancy

Web consultants can offer suggestions to make the website friendlier for the search engines and Internet users. They help to make the website distinct and to stand out amongst competitors. A professionally designed website offers the edge when competing with others in the same industry. E-commerce sites need a whole lot of attention concerning security, credit card check-outs, shipping, keeping inventory tracking, and bookkeeping.

In today’s electronic world, web owners can ill-afford not to have their business presence on the Internet. 

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