Tips for Business Web Design

Tips for Business Web Design

Build a Website that Draws Visitors and Improves Sales and Revenue

Business web design is unique from personal websites or blogs. These tips help draw readers that eventually turn into sales.

Creating a personal website or blog is a project that supports creativity and interests. However, creating a business web design needs to promote the business and grab readers. With just the wrong navigation, poor color choices, or no call-to-action, a lousy business website design can lead to poor sales and revenue. Just a few simple changes to a website can make it more attractive for visitors and potential customers.

Provide a Call-to-Action Area

call-to-action suggests to the reader what to do next. For instance, if the business provides an article on widgets and how useful widgets are, then the call-to-action indicates that the user “clicks here” to purchase these widgets. This type of action guides the user to a new location on the website, usually the area where the reader can input information to purchase the product.

Ease of Navigation

When a reader accesses the business website, the navigation design should direct the visitor to the required information. Users quickly browse a business website looking for the info. For instance, if the reader entered “best widgets” into Google, the business web design should direct the user to the widget’s location and information. It draws the reader into the business website design to further increase interest in the product.

Keep Ads and Extra Navigation Subtle

If the business website is trying to sell widgets, having large, blinking ads on the web page distracts readers from the main content. It can lead users to navigate to other areas of the website. Keep the sites that contain buttons and images that have the call-to-action more noticeable than any Adsense blocks. If there are promotional events on the website, make sure it stands out over simple ad click revenue sections.

Avoid Flashy Backgrounds

Flashy backgrounds are suitable for blogs and particular interest websites, but a business web design should be attractive and straightforward. Color coordination should be easy to read for the visitor, and the background color or image should not distract from the text. The text needs to draw the reader to the product, so diverting the visitor with gaudy images increases the bounce rate.

Make Users Click Less

The more the user needs to click a link to find more info or purchase a product, the higher the bounce rate. Readers want the information available quickly and without clicking too many links on the web page. Please provide all the information on a page without making it too difficult to find the content.

Ensure the Website Host Provides Fast Servers

One major cause for a high bounce rate is a slow business website host. A new business can choose a free website host, but larger enterprises require faster service and more options. Provide readers with enough bandwidth to quickly navigate through each web page on your business website.

These few simple business web design tips can increase the traffic to the domain and improve sales and revenue. Provide users with a good experience and quality content, and the website will profit. Navigation, content, and attractive layouts are part of the recipe for a winning website.


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