Reseller Hosting Is a Flat Fee Hosting Plan

Reseller Hosting Is a Flat Fee Hosting Plan

Reseller Hosting Could Prove to Be the Cheapest Web Hosting Plan

Reseller hosting is one of the least known web hosting plans, but this doesn’t mean it is not an excellent choice for many businesses and individuals.

Reseller hosting is one of the types of web hosting plans of particular interest to any webmaster because webmasters could benefit most from subscribing to a reseller hosting plan. Though the details differ among the various web hosting services, reseller hosting plans are generally similar in their advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

As the name itself implies, Reseller hosting is oriented towards businesses and individuals who plan to resell the hosting space they get from their web hosting provider. In this aspect, the reseller is a middleman between the web hosting company and the clients he or she resells space/bandwidth to.

Essentially, reseller hosting is a subtype of dedicated hosting because what the reseller gets is a whole server, and he or she is free to sell the bandwidth and space he or she doesn’t need to third parties. As a rule, resellers are charged a flat fee a month no matter how much space/bandwidth they use.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is not for everybody, despite its advantages. If appropriately used, reseller hosting could turn into the cheapest web hosting, and it could be the best web hosting plan for both companies and individuals. Some of the advantages of reseller hosting are these:

  • A flat fee. A flat fee hosting plan means that no matter how much web hosting space and bandwidth are used, the price stays the same. However, this usually is true about the other types of hosting (though sometimes it is possible to be charged extra for any additional space/bandwidth), so it is hardly the primary reason to choose reseller hosting over another type hosting.
  • Earning potential. The earning potential of reseller hosting is probably why companies and individuals choose this type of web hosting plan. Suppose the reseller can resell the free space and bandwidth he or she has to third parties at a reasonable price. In that case, it could even turn out that not only the hosting space/bandwidth the reseller is personally using is free but also that reselling web hosting is an additional source of income for him or her.
  • More control over customers’ sites. Some of the best clients a reseller can find are his or her clients. This opportunity is exceptionally viable for web designers and web developers, who often have clients looking not only to have their site done but also for a place to host it. Additionally, when a reseller resells web hosting to his or her clients, he or she has more control over the site compared to the case when the client’s site is hosted somewhere else.

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

As already mentioned, reseller hosting is not suitable for everybody. Here are some of the disadvantages of reseller hosting one needs to know before he or she jumps into a reseller hosting deal:

  • Could lead to losses if no customers are available to resell to. If the would-be reseller doesn’t have customers whom to sell, it might prove challenging to sell to other people, and as a result, the would-be reseller will be stuck with a lot of free space and bandwidth he or she has already paid for.
  • If the reseller hosting provider is not a reliable one, this could lead to unhappy customers. Since the reseller is a middleman between the web hosting company and the third party, if the web hosting service is far from top-notch, it is easy to predict that the angry customers will blame the reseller.

Reseller hosting is just one more type of web hosting plan to consider. Reseller hosting does have advantages, but it also has disadvantages. It, combined with its higher price, makes it not a good choice for a small site. Additionally, when the web hosting provider doesn’t provide outstanding service, the trouble this could cause is not underestimated. Well, if a reseller knows what to look for when choosing a web hosting provider and if he or she picks a good web host, this might make reseller hosting the best deal for business hosting, combining the advantages of shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

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