Online Logo Generators

Online Logo Generators

Creating a Logo with an Online Logo Generator Is Fast

Creating a professional logo isn’t an easy job, but now everybody can create a cool logo with no effort, thanks to online logo generators.


Logos are essential for every product and company, and when there is no logo or the logo isn’t made professionally, this creates a negative impression about the product or company. It is not a great approach to improve a top result with a logo of inferior quality. Additionally, logos are frequently used to protect images with a watermark, so it is always helpful for a webmaster to know how to create a logo with a logo generator.

Logo generators are easy to use. At the same time, the best logo generators give a lot of flexibility, and one can choose the font, the background, the text effects of the logo, etc., which means that actually, a logo generator is all a webmaster needs to create a cool logo.

Create a Logo Design with Cool Text

The cool Text ( logo generator is a great one, and it has more options than most other free ones. Cool Text offers tens of categories of logos to choose from, such as 3D Outline, Outline, Gradient Bevel, Embossed, Glossy, Cool Metal, Neon, Textured, etc.


After the logo category is selected, the next step is to enter the Text for the logo and choose the other attributes, such as font color, background color/image, and any effects available for that kind of logo. Finally, the Render Logo button generates the logo with the selected settings, and this logo can be downloaded and saved locally.

Overall, Cool Text is an excellent logo generator, especially for Text-based logos. The effects are quite cute, and if it were possible to choose a custom texture (or to upload one from a free textures site, it would have been the perfect logo creator.

Create a Logo with the SimWebSol Free Logo Generator

SimWebSol ( is another free logo maker, which is great for a quick and easy job. It has fewer options than Cool Text, but still, it produces cool Text-based logos. Its most distinctive advantage is that it offers reflection, which is an excellent effect. Additionally, SimWebSol allows to choose the logo’s resolution – the choices are from 72 (Web quality) to 1200 (fine print quality). It means that the logo one can create with SimWebSol can be used for printed ads as well.

Logo Maker Offers Lots of Options

Logo Maker ( is yet one more logo creator one might want to try. It is important to note that this logo maker requires registration to save and download the logo, but despite that, it is free.

Logo Maker offers many logo templates, most of which include some graphic images. Additionally, there are tons of effects; for instance, Text can be rotated, which the other two logo creators don’t provide.

These three free logo generators are just some of the many logo generators available online or as a desktop application. Thanks to the logo, design has become much more accessible and affordable – without a sacrifice in quality!


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