Designing a Website and Inexpensive Web Hosting

Designing a Website and Inexpensive Web Hosting

How to Build a Site with a Limited Knowledge of Web Design

Many small businesses would like to have a professional presence on the Internet but can’t spend vast amounts of money. Where does one go to get inexpensive web hosting? 

For small companies starting up, the budget is often limited. Creating a website on a small budget is not an impossible challenge.

Elements of Designing a Website

Diverse elements must be in point to have a website apparent on the Internet.

Domain name: Choose a unique domain name that best represents the company or the individual. A domain name consists mainly of two parts, the name of the organization or individual and “dot” something indicating a country or type of organization, or both.

For example, “” would indicate a commercial website, whereas “” would mean an organization. On the other hand, “unique” would show a retail company in South Africa, and so on.

The company’s domain name will need to be registered. With a domain name comes e-mail addresses. It comes across as a lot more professional to have an e-mail address that uses the company’s domain name.

Designing a Website: A company will need to have something to post on the Internet. A website usually consists of one or more web pages that represent the company. These pages will often include something about the company and what they do, and how to contact them.

Web Hosting: The company web pages need to be hosted on a web server for the web pages to be visible on the Internet. Although many large companies have their dedicated web server, small companies should consider using a professional web hosting service to cut down the cost of buying a server.

Build Your Website

One easy way of putting together a website is registering with a professional, inexpensive web hosting service. For example, offers domain registration and web hosting for $5.95 per month. Use their easy-to-navigate wizards to register the company’s preferred domain name. With an account at hostmonster, a company may host as many as a thousand websites, create up to five thousand e-mail addresses. Hostmonster will charge an extra $10 annual fee for each domain registered.

Next is designing a website that looks professional. Again, the hostmonster can assist. If a company is looking for a dynamic website that can be updated without understanding Html coding, use the “WordPress” wizard to create a stylish, easy-to-maintain blog.

Although WordPress is designed to be a blog site, it is very versatile and can be used for other purposes. Once the “WordPress” website has been created, it can be changed to suit the company identity. Their hundreds of free “skins” to choose from that require little or no effort to activate, each one as individual as the next, some funky, others corporate.

Adding posts and articles to a “WordPress” website can quickly be done through a management front end, allowing companies to add and take away content at will.

With inexpensive web hosting and design solutions available, there is no need to hire a costly web designer until the company is on its feet. Valuable startup capital can be best used elsewhere.

For some people, the differences between a blog and a website can be confusing, which is best, a blog, or a website, for making money.

Computers may get viruses and other computer-related problems, so how the IT department handles these issues when they arise is vital in avoiding prolonged downtime for the company. A good help desk solution will help the IT department manage these problems efficiently.

General research is essential in understanding all the risks associated with a computer environment. For example, an in-depth understanding of how to enhance computer network security is an excellent place to understand these risks.


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