Company and Private Web Hosting Solutions

Company and Private Web Hosting Solutions

Choose a Domain Name, Inexpensive Web Design, and Web Server Hosting

Most organizations and some individuals require webserver hosting. How to go about setting up a presence on the Internet and choosing a web hosting solution.

Generally, every company needs to have a presence on the Internet, even if it is a few static web pages explaining what the company does and making contact. How should a company go about getting a website? What is web hosting solutions available?

Choose a Domain Name

The first action is picking a domain name for the company. A domain name is what the Internet user will type in on the address bar of his Internet browser. Once the corporation has decided on a domain name that has not already been used, it necessitates being registered.. Once the company has registered the domain name, it can have a website and e-mail addresses based on the term chosen.

Design a Web Site

The second step is to design a website that will reflect the corporate identity of the company. A website comprises a few static pages, or it can be an elaborate dynamic website with online shopping and support forums, etc. The more complicated the website, the more valuable it gets. Management needs to analyze what they want to accomplish with a website and how much they are willing to spend.

Inexpensive Web Design

There are many free website themes open on the Internet to choose from. Using a free template will mean a very inexpensive website; for example, WordPress or Joomla will allow a company to add and take away content without having an in-depth knowledge of web design.

Web Server Hosting

The next puzzle is where to host the partnership’s website. Hosting a website requires a web server. A central web server will do for a static website with fewer pages. It can be performed with a Microsoft server running IIS or a Linux server operating Apache.

A more dynamic website will require more than the basic installation. For example, if it were decided to run a “WordPress” website on a Linux server, the server would also need PHP and MYSQL installed. It requires more than a basic knowledge of Linux and web hosting.

It should be noted that the webserver need not be a dedicated server. It is probable to use one server for a few purposes. Security concerns would need to be addressed if it was decided to run a web server on the same physical hardware as another service.

A company that decides to host its website needs to have a permanent Internet connection and a dedicated IP address to the outside world. It would also mean an adequate firewall solution.

Many companies specialize in web server hosting and will host the company’s website at their premises. The advantage of having the company’s website hosted “off-site” at a professional web hosting facility is that it will be cheaper.

In addition, there will be no additional expense to set up other services that might be needed since the web hosting provider will have already done this. The disadvantage is that a certain amount of control is lost, and typically the company website will be sharing a server with hundreds, if not thousands, of other companies.

Cpanel Web Hosting

If a company wants to host their website off-site but still maintain control, they should consider one of the many Internet-based sites that offer Cpanel web hosting. For a small amount, one can sign up, register a domain, create a website, configure e-mail accounts, all without too much experience with web hosting. An example of this is at hostmonster.

The administration of the company website is done through a web interface called “cpanel,” which gives the users easy-to-use wizards that will help them set up their website. Using this web hosting method will take the average user about thirty minutes to have a dynamic “WordPress” website up and functioning. The cost? Around $80.00.

Compare Web Hosting

Before committing to a web developer or website hosting solution, take the time to compare web hosting solutions and the options available. It could preserve the company lots of funds, which is especially important for small or “startup” companies.

Computers may get viruses and other computer-related problems, so how the IT department handles these issues when they arise is vital in avoiding prolonged downtime for the company. A good help desk solution will help the IT department manage these problems efficiently.

General research is essential in understanding all the risks associated with a computer environment. For example, an in-depth understanding of how to enhance computer network security is an excellent place to understand these risks.


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